Other Services

Group Meditation

Individual consultations

Group Meditations

Group meditations are held regularly and are a space to identify and transmute core issues.  An energy is presented each week to support the group/individual in healing and aligning with the light of the soul.  It is an opportunity to develop your inner awareness in a supportive, loving and safe environment.

 Group Meditations on Working with the Universal Discs

Experience the power of the Universal Disc in a group environment. These meditations focus on how to use the Universal Discs so you can continue to expand your awareness at home. To find out about the Group Meditations please contact us or check back with the website.

Individual Consultations

Tracey’s ability to hold a space of light can assist you in accessing and transmuting your core issues.  Working on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allows for great transformation of oneself and ones life.

Individual consultations can be arranged as a face to face session or remotely using Facetime or Skype. Contact us to arrange a time for a consultation